Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trees Galore


This weeks topic at Growing and Learning by Leaps and Bounds is about trees. We live in a place that was built upon logging as it’s number 1 resource. Every direction we look are acres upon acres of trees. With the Chehalis River flowing to the Pacific Ocean this created a beautiful and very useful area not only for logging but importing and exporting lumber and tree products. Now though the mills are closing down and we no longer get to see the amazingly huge boats loading and unloading their cargo. We are home to some of the finest Cedar, Blue Spruce, and many more evergreen trees (though Cedar trees are not an evergreen tree). To have a Christmas tree from a box is almost unheard of here as we have Christmas tree farms everywhere you go.

Selena gets to experience this beauty on a daily basis, sometimes I think she is so use to seeing logging trucks, trains loaded with lumber, and just the trees themselves that it has just become the norm for her. I look forward to sharing the deep history of where we live as she gets older and able to understand more. Even my family played a big part in the history of logging over here, though their home is no longer standing, the knowledge that they made their living from the acres and acres of trees around here is a story in itself.

Selena does enjoy the wildlife though that these beautiful trees bring in, Deer, Raccoons, Bats, Birds of all types, and on occasion a Black Bear, and even Cougar.  The following pictures were taken just in our backyard. These are the trees she gets to enjoy on a daily basis. Though our town is full of trees all around, these trees are Selena’s trees!

100_1617 This is the Tree that topped off the day Selena was born and came into out house! It is still so tall it is hard to get the whole thing in picture.




Come on over to Growing and Learning by Leaps and Bounds to see what others are sharing about the trees in their area!

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  1. cool! love all the trees! we have a fake christmas tree since i'm allergic to pine :(

  2. Your place is beautiful, and it must be fantastic to see all the wild life. I love trees myself too!

  3. You must get such an abundance of wildlife with all of those beautiful trees. How wonderful!


  4. Your area sounds beautiful! And we have a cedar tree, but I didn't know it technically is not an evergreen. I guess I learned something new today! :)

  5. I've awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. You can find info, and the rules of the award at Almost Unschoolers.

  6. You do have some beautiful trees.

    My boys would LOVE seeing those logging trucks regularly:-).

  7. This is fascinating. It sounds like you live in such a beautiful place.