Friday, October 16, 2009

PreSchool Corner


I was thinking over what all we did this week in Preschool, and while it didn’t seem like we did a lot of schooling in reality we got a lot of learning in.

We started the week working on the Letter “H” “h” and helping hands, where I made up a cute little song and talked to Selena about being a little helper.  You can read more about our Helping Hands here.

100_1623100_1624 Selena was so proud of herself, she was able to add 7 more words to her phonics wall. Now I want to stress that in order for Selena to earn these words, she has to show me that she can sound out the word, and then put it together to form the word. We then read our Progressive Phonic book and she must be able to tell me the word in the story. I feel strongly that I do not want her just memorizing these words. While some reading is memorization, I feel phonics is a must for good readers and spellers.

100_1638100_1642We made pumpkin pies. Selena had so much fun with this Open Ended Art project, and we all enjoyed the fruits of our labor! You can find the complete recipe here. 

The rest of the week, we continued to read the library books from last week. I have decided we will spend more time in our library books instead of taking them back every week. Selena really seemed to enjoy having them around a little longer.

She got to go play with a friend who is also homeschooled, he is 8 years old, they had fun exploring magnets, and looking at all his plastic insects and creepy crawling creatures, she even brought home a plastic lizard.

Yesterday, I had my 6 month check up with my Oncologist, while we waited we played “I Spy” with many of the magazines in the office. When the Dr came in Selena got to be her little helper, she got to listen to my heart beat, my lungs, my tummy, she helped the Dr examine my tummy check my reflexes, then upon spying a small flashlight Selena checked my throat, ears and eyes. I just admire my Oncologist for taking the time to let Selena explore and learn. By the way outside of feeling more tired here lately my Dr and I feel everything will come back just fine in my blood work. She has advised me to take some extra iron, and if I still feel tired I might have to give up Awana for a while. For those of you who are not aware, yes, I did battle Early Stage 1 cancer, but there is absolutely no sign of the tumor now. I am considered NED (No Evidence of Disease) right now, and after 5 years they will consider me cured. My Oncologist has given me a 90% in my favor that this cancer will not come back.

Anyway that was our week. Come on over to Homeschool Creations and see what others have been doing, and please join in on the fun! We would all love to see what you are doing!

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  1. What do you mean you did not do a lot in the way of schooling? You all did tons! Everyone one of those activities she learned so much from. Plus you built lots of memories, that's the best part.

  2. Love your word wall. I've been sort of delaying words in favour of writing - although this week Chloe did read 4 words for me. :) I just want to keep wanting to do the alphabet.

    Praise God that you are healed. It is always so lovley to hear praise reports.

  3. Mmmm Pumpkin pie. I really need to make some. Every time I see another blogger has posted about pumpkin pie I drool.

    I am so glad that your oncologist appointment went well. How great that Selena got to participate!

  4. OK, you did soooooo much for school this week!! I cannot believe how many words she has on her phonics wall! She is doing so well. You are doing a super job too. I am so impressed:-)!

  5. I agree - you did a lot of school this week! Selena is such a bright girl - I love hearing how she is learning so many new words! And I am so glad your appointment went well and that you are doing well. I was not aware that you had battled cancer. I'll keep you in my prayers and pray that you will continue to do so well!

  6. I hope your oncologist is right, and your bloodwork comes back normal. It's always harder for me to stay alert with rainy weather and shorter days, and I am hoping that your tiredness is more seasonal. Selena has learned so much from you this week and in all her life - she is a great little girl.

  7. Love the idea of creating a phonics wall of the words learned. Looks like you had a busy week. I am glad to hear your lab results came back good. Keeping you in prayer.

  8. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed with her word wall, she's doing really great. Maybe I need to look into this progressive phonics thing more.
    And, so glad to hear the Doc thinks you'll be NED still.

  9. So glad to hear your check up went well!! And you do tons everyday, even if it isn't officially labeled school!!!

    Our kids are loving Awana this year! So glad we started!