Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Open Ended Art, Black and White

This week in Open Ended Art we are using Black and White. I just wanted to have fun with this project. I wanted to see what Selena’s reaction would be when she attempted to first draw on black paper with a black crayon, then what her reaction would be using white chalk.

100_1682 100_1684 You can see from her expression she was focusing really hard to get that black crayon to work, the SURPRISE the white chalk worked perfect! At this point I decided to reverse it, while she had the white chalk I gave her a piece of white paper. Yes, then after attempting with that she got the black crayon.

100_1685 100_1686


Selena was really pretty excited about this project, and we talked for a while about why the black crayon did not show up on the black paper but the white chalk did. We also had the same conversation about the white chalk on the white paper. As you can see from her final projects she had fun, learned something new, but wasn’t real interested in being very creative. We did have fun though!

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  1. That is such a gret lesson. It looks like she enjoyed it.

  2. I really like this! I hope I can remember this with my Jack when he is older.

    I love the look on her face as she colors and figures out each step what is happening.

    This is super!

  3. You did a great job of capturing her expressions with the camera! It looks like she had fun!

  4. I think it's terrific that you encorporated the lesson into the project! My kidlet still doesn't quite understand that white won't show on white, and wants to know where the white marker is so he can make clouds and things, hehe.

  5. She is so cute! Love the lesson that you included in this project!

  6. My kids have the same reaction to white crayons, it's broken Mommy. Then they get so excited when we draw on black paper.

  7. It's amazing how you made a great lesson and still managed to keep it fairly open-ended. Sometimes they just have to experience firsthand what happens when they write white on white. You could extend it by trying to put a watercolor over white crayon to "reveal" it. We tried once, but for whatever reason it didn't work well - I think water color was too watery.