Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Ended Art

I was so excited about this Open Ended Art Project, as I use to love to create Mosaics with beans with my Mom. My first idea was to have Selena make a heart to match a heart her Mommy made for me when she was in Kindergarten (which yes, I still have!). As we prepared Selena got upset and didn't want to do the project. When I asked her to pray before school she thanked God for our food. The light bulb went on, she realized the beans were food, we don't play with food. I tried to comfort her and started the project. All Selena did was eat the beans. Finally I just had her poor the beans onto the plate with the glue on it. She got mad and informed me that we don't waste food. I guess we will hold off on anymore food related crafts for a while.
Here is her final project. It didn't turn out much like a heart, and Selena wasn't real thrilled with it as she continued to pick the beans off and eat them. It was a frustrating morning for her to say the least. Once this was over though, she did settle down and went right onto her regular school work, again confirming to me that food related art will be out for us for a while.

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  1. You know, you raise a very good point. I never did any projects with food before, and it's exactly the reason - I was brought up with the idea that we don't waste food. My grandparents survived WWII and knew hunger. They passed this reverence for food along. I doubt that our bean project will be successful, because Anna just wants to plant beans. However... your fiasco just gave me an idea to try. Stay tuned :)

  2. I appreciate this post. It is something I need to be better about with my own children, not wasting food.

    From reading this post and seeing the things that Selena was frustrated about--you are teaching her such good values.

    Thank you for this reminder.

  3. She is a smart little girl :) Also, at least you tried.

  4. good post! you tried and that is all that matters! :)

    some work and some don't remember my glitter instead of pebbles post!

  5. awww :) she is so sweet to say not to waste food...
    we used jellybeans and our incentive was that they were expiring that same day so we needed to use them up.

  6. She is so sweet! Poor little thing, I can imagine how confusing that could be! She did a great job; maybe she can make a heart for you some other day soon. :)