Friday, August 28, 2009

The Zero Factor

Probably like most parents, when I started teaching Selena her numbers of course we started with one and worked up to 10 and then on from there. I never gave much thought to the number zero. When her plate was empty or the toys were put away she always responded "all gone" "no more" or something like that.

Last week in our studies we were introduced to the "Value of Zero". Selena was very confused at first. She could put the number zero in front of the number line but had no concept of it at all. I reward her for things such as potty training etc... by giving her a few chocolate chips. I started lining them up and making her count them. As she eats one she has to recount how many is left. Yesterday, while doing this she finally figured out the Zero factor. But you know not only did the value of Zero hit home, but now she can count backwards!

On another note she is finally showing an interest in writing her letters and numbers. Sure they look funny, I don't tell her that though, but she is atleast showing the interest! I just love watching her learn and grow!
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  1. Hello I stumbled upon your blog through a comment you left on Mouse Grows Mouse Learns.
    Thank you for writing about the concept of zero. It would have taken me a very long time to think of that.
    The Fifth Street Academy

  2. Zero does seem to stump them, doesn't it?!

    It is very fun and rewarding to watch them grow daily--one of the biggest blessings of homeschool:-).

  3. Interesting. Anna can count something physical (candies, etc.) backwards, but she cannot count backwards in an abstract way. I didn't notice any confusion about zero though - she is pretty firm in her knowledge that zero means "none".