Sunday, December 9, 2007

Storm 2007

I thought our Granddaughter came into the world on December 14, 2006 with a bang when we got hit with a wind storm that sent a tree smashing into our garage, propelling it through the back wall of my house into my utility room. Boy did I get fooled. Here we approach her one year Birthday and we get hit with another wind storm but worse then last year, then came the floods. I have since instructed my Granddaughter that just because she is getting older does not mean she has to bring us a worse storm every year. Huricane force winds, ikes!! I never want to see or hear wind blow ever again.

Here are a few pictures of the aftermath of this storm. Now just to catch you up again this storm first started with the winds that demolished everything in its path, scattering trees, power lines, roofs, and even blasted the barn below like a bomb hit it:

Along with the rains that hit, and hit hard we also had mud slides that wiped out buildings, and roads like these images below:

Now mind you that on Sunday night we lost our power and we were among the lucky ones that got our power back on come Wednesday evening. Here it is a week later and we still at last report have over 500 residents without power.

Then came the flood waters. I will let the pictures below tell the stories themselves:

This is where the flood began, now they still do not know why, if it was logs creating a natural dam or mud that gave away under the pressure of all the rain fall, but you can just imagine the force behind all that raging water.

If you can't tell this is I-5, the major Interstate Freeway that runs from North and South through our State. Yep that is right it is all under water!

They finally had to breech a levy to drain the water off the Freeway so that they could attempt to get it open again.

Now after the water started going down we found some of the following stories that have burned themselves into the memories of all the storm survivors, and those who pitched in to give aide and assistance:

This shows how the force of the water made the Freeway look like a maze!

Would you like to take a guess at what is sitting on top of this car????? UMMMM try a freezer unit from a business that floated up through the roof of the business and was carried by the flood water to come to rest right here on top of this car.

Now I am pretty sure that this mail truck didn't make it's destination. Maybe they get through in rain, sleet and snow, but I don't think in floods.

I don't think anyone was wanting to move that day except maybe as far away from the water that they could get.

I doubt this Enterprise business will be picking you up anytime real soon!

Golf anyone....I think not!
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  1. I heard about this and I am glad to hear you are going to be okay...