Friday, December 14, 2007

First Birthdays

Oh Yes, remember the joy of watching the wonders of the first Birthdays. What a treat they are! Today is Selena's first Birthday and we celebrated it BIG! Grandpa picked out her cake, now I think that Grandpa is a KEEPER!
Yes, she is our little princess.
As you can see all her gifts were even done in the Disney Princess theme. Now to me she is just screaming, "All for ME!!!"
Now Grandpa don't let me touch that pretty cake. Listen everyone is singing Happy Birthday to ME!
Now Grandpa, you just had to let me stick my fingers in that pretty cake. OH and look just how proud you are of your little practical joke. But Oh Grandpa you definately are such a keeper in my eyes. You know how to make life sooooo much fun!
WOW are these really all for me?
I got a Care Bear, My first Baby Doll, and guess what she laughs just like me! OH and look at this fancy Disney Princess push and ride toy. The music is pretty and would you believe all the Princesses Dance and spin around!! Awe what an awesome Birthday.

Now just enjoy me eating my cake!

Just a note from Grandma: My little angel became a little Princess tonight. This past year went by way too fast, but the joy this little one has brought into my life has been the best joy I have ever felt. There is always something to say about Grandchildren. We always love our Children, but those Grandchildren really make you realize the legacy passed down from generations before and after you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELENA!!
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  1. What a beautiful child!

    I have a picture of my daughter at the same her high chair....with cake all over her face. Almost the exact picture you have. How funny!