Thursday, December 29, 2016

Transition to School


The transition from homeschool to school has had it's challenges but overall Selena loves school. One of our greatest challenges was transportation to and from school. We went from a two car family to only having one car after the accident. We knew she would have to ride the bus. We were fortunate that she qualified for a small bus that picks her up at the end of our driveway. It became very apparent from the get go that Selena is afraid of the larger busses and has passed on all field trips that require riding the bus. She did go on one local field trip and tried to ride the large bus but it was too much for her. 


She loves riding the small bus though and proudly walks to the road to wait for it. The above picture was the second day of school and her first time riding the bus. 

She is doing quite well in school and surpassed all her yearly goals within the first couple months, so we had to redo a new IEP for her. She was jumped in many subjects and is a lot more willing to work on her writing. School was really one of the best things we did. I miss having her at home but admit it's been nice to have the quiet through the day.

At times things do overwhelm her and we're working on communicating with her teachers instead of stuffing her feelings and bringing them home to dump on us. For example the thought of the Christmas program was too much for her. She decided not to participate but had a hard time telling her music teacher. She doesn't like half days or when she has a substitute teacher. I can always tell when things are too much for her because she will not want to go to school or tries to become very argumental with us. She's missed a lot of school, which we don't like but we figure she took the leap, these other things will smooth out.

Some days she misses being home and being homeschooled but when asked if she would like to come home the answer is always the same, "No, I like it at school!" 

It's been fun for me to watch her find herself, her identity and her new fashion sense. I will conclude this post with a few pictures of her fashion and show off some of the clothing she loves.





She has so many cute outfits, still loves her dresses but really has an expensive taste in clothing! I am so happy we found FabKids to buy her clothing. Laundry is different because almost everything she owns is hand wash or hang to dry. Oh well, she is growing up!
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