Sunday, February 7, 2016

Teaching Team work and so much more!

One of the things that we are working on is teaching team work. Selena with her ASD sometimes doesn't understand this concept. I thought long and hard as to how to approach this and to teach her how to work as a team, the fact she doesn't need to do it all alone, or neither do I. This hit home with me with the horse riding, I try to play wall soccer with her, the idea there is that maybe I have the ball, but she is suppose to take it away from me and make the goal.

The picture shows you the ball I am talking about, the idea is we guide our horse to kick the ball. I began to realize even when I directed my horse right in front of Selena she did not drive her horse to take the ball from me. This is not working as a team. This is an area we need to work on. It also can include competition.

Selena loves to help in the kitchen, she is more willing today to try more then ever before. Keeping that in mind I have included her more in the kitchen and have had many discussions on team work to cook dinner, to get the job done.

 Selena has been doing a lot of work in the kitchen. Above she was making Au Gratin Potatoes all by herself. She had to measure all the ingredients herself, mix it while I was preparing the meat, then she put everything in the oven.

Our next step was to make a few dishes that were one pan, where she did part of the work and I helped with the next part. We made a breakfast casserole together to a complete stir fry. Her job was anything from cutting the food, to stirring it in the pan, but she had to keep in mind that I would step in and help when I felt it was necessary.

She is coming along way not only in her cooking skills but also understanding that we can work as a team and it really can work better when we do. She is beginning to realize it doesn't have to be all Selena, or all Mama, but that we can get the job done, learn, have a lot of fun when we work together. It does take communication, listening, and cooperation skills, but in the end she is learning just how valuable these skills are.

How do you teach Team Work in your home?


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  1. It is easier for us because every day is a lesson in teamwork if you have five kids. You seem to be doing a grrat job.

  2. Teamwork does not come readily to A even though she is no ASD. However, she is learning to compromise and negotiate while dealing with her best friend who is also an only child. It's amazing to see them together now and realize that they both came a long way when it comes to their ability to actually work together.