Monday, August 16, 2010

More of Our Vacation

We did check off all the places we wanted to eat. Our first stop was at Zips for hamburgers.
Papa ordered his usual Buster Burger and Chocolate Shake.
100_3259 100_3261 Selena got a kick out of the mess Papa made out of his burger! These are like two hamburgers in one, so they are a little difficult to eat.
I ordered my usual Papa Joe, I love having ham on my burger.
100_3260 Selena enjoyed her regular hamburger, oh and we did have to get a tub of fries, just perfect for the three of us.
Our Second stop was at the Cathay Inn. This restaurant has been a part of Spokane since 1959, they are in their 3rd building, each one getting larger then the one before. Family owned and operated, the food has never changed.
100_3276 100_3273 Selena tried very hard to use the chop sticks. I thought for a little bit she was going to get them figured out, since she was at one point holding them properly, she just couldn’t figure out how to grasp the food or keep it on the chop sticks.
100_3274 100_3275 Of course we had to stop and pose in front of the fish at the Cathay Inn. Click on the pictures and enlarge them, I think it is cute how even some of the fish got into the action of posing with Selena!
Now I know that this is just such an exciting post! We also had to go by and see the house where I grew up. Now believe me I was a wee bit surprised, and disappointed. The people living there now has remodeled the simple home my Dad built. I tried to find a picture of what it looked like when I was a kid, but just wasn’t able to find one. I will try to describe the differences.
100_3279 First of all we did not have a front door that faced the street, instead you entered the house from the side near the driveway. We also did not have the little add on that is seen here on the right hand side. The house for years from the time I can remember to the last time I was there was always white. We did not have any type of attached garage, instead we just had a carport. While I do think it looks better this way, it just isn’t the same home that my Dad built (a little bitter sweet).
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  1. I just got a picture emailed to me of the house my grandfather built, and my dad grew up in. The new owners have painted it purple, and green - yuck! It's strange how time moves on.

  2. It's always weird to go back to places we used to live. I've gone back the the house Jeff and I lived in when we were first married and the people who moved in there have changed it somewhat. At some point I'll be brave enough to go by where I lived growing up. It's on the other end of town from us, but it'd be interesting to see.

  3. Sounds like a great trip! Those burgers look delicious :-)

  4. It looks like you enjoyed some good food, and Selena's pictures at Chinese restaurant are very cute. It pays to grow up in an apartment building - I am pretty sure that it didn't change much since my childhood :)